Bike routes

Bike and wine: explore the precious Purcari region on two-wheeler with a glass of…

Rent a bike and embark on one of our carefully marked bikes routes,
exploring the hidden gems of the Purcari region.

Et Cetera Loop

5 km
20 minutes


Explore a modern winery: see and touch where the best wines are being born.

Et Cetera - Olanești

6,5 km
35 minutes


Make a wine even more inspiring: visit the small vineries, see the stunning wide Dniester valley panorama, descend to Olanesti, a traditional South Moldova village.

Olanești - Purcari

5,6 km
25 minutes


Touch of tradition and history: see the authentic, rich-ornamented bower wells, indulge a mellow landscape on the sleepy road under walnut tree and visit Purcari winery, the pinnacle - the old and famous.